Aussie fintech startup Groupee ships instant pay sharing platform

Groupee will introduce a world-first, real-time payment app that allows groups of people to instantly share the cost of any purchase, anytime and anywhere that accepts Visa tap-and-go payments.

Groupee platform was launched in 2016 as a restaurant bill-splitting app, while their updated version is a completely fresh iteration which solves the struggles of paying with others far beyond the restaurant table. With Groupee Prepaid Visa Debit card, Groupee users can pay for anything rather than the traditional peer-to-peer (P2P) products where money is transferred between parties either before or after the main transaction occurs.

Jarred Baker, and his team worked hard for the past 18 months refining the technology and transforming its original model by removing the need to register specific merchants – unlike other players in the market that restrict use to participating merchants in specific payment categories.

Baker, said, “We are passionate about improving the way people spend their own money. What makes Groupee’s ‘pay-share’ philosophy great is that you use Groupee in the moment. There are no delays, no paybacks, no transferring money between bank accounts, and no more chasing money from friends.”

Source: Finextra