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Terminal Hardware, Software and Management Panel

The Terminal Hardware, Software and Management Panel is utilised for RFPs where there is a need for in-store payment terminal hardware, terminal payment application, and/or remote terminal management software.


Aevi specialises in in-person payment orchestration, offering payment solutions through a global, open platform that is API-driven, device-agnostic, and solution-independent. They provide the entire in-person payments value chain of both Gateway, Device management (TMS/DMS) and payment application through a standardised set of tools – for customers to process payments securely, centralise their operations and give customers the same experience across all channels. 

Aevi is processor agnostic and enables their customers to control their in-person payments technology stack in a flexible and highly configurable environment. 

Today, Aevi operates with a global footprint across Europe and the US, with offices in London, Prague and Paderborn.

Key Strengths
  • AEVI’s SmartPOS Solutions can fully manage value added apps that add functionality to the checkout for different devices 
  • Connects digital and in-person channels, orchestrates checkout flows, and sets transaction data free with real time transaction and endpoint APIs. 
  • Combines a device-agnostic payment app with enhanced payment gateway functionality, consolidating all payment solutions into one.  
  • Have vertical expertise in the energy/fuel space (unattended). 
  •  Fully cloud-based and independent of specific hardware and data centres.   
  • AEVI’s payments platform provides a one-stop shop for containing and hosting all non-transaction services, including endpoint management APIs and data-sharing mechanisms.  
  • Offers a flexible and open device-agnostic payment orchestration platform that leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) and allows your merchant customers to break free from legacy systems. 
  • Omni Channel Ready

PAX Technology

PAX Technology is a global supplier of payment terminals, having shipped over 79 million terminals to more than 120 countries internationally. It is an Android-based payment technology, currently onboarding 1M terminals a month. 

Their comprehensive portfolio of PCI and EMV-compliant electronic fund transfer point-of-sale (EFT-POS) terminals includes various models within each of the key segments of Countertop, Mobile and Wireless, Multilane Retail, integrated POS and Contactless/NFC as well as having a SoftPOS solution. Currently in Australia, PAX offers over 20 android terminal solutions to suit attended, unattended and omnichannel merchant environments. 

In 2022, PAX introduced its Android (MDM) based MAXSTORE, a SaaS-based platform in the cloud that enables multiple applications on a single payment terminal and generates previously unavailable data for merchants, in addition to its leading-edge Terminal Management System (TMS). Currently operational across 13 million terminals in 120 countries.  

Key Strengths
  • PAX’s terminals are certified with over 25 of the world’s largest banks across North America, Europe and Asia. 
  • PAX’s SmartPOS products use a special locked-down version of Android known as PayDroid OS, which runs on dedicated CPUs to isolate payment processing and sensitive card and customer data from Android and non-payment applications. 
  • The PAX Partner Network (PPN) offers a cloud-based portal that helps report, log and track issues that the PAX tech support team can manage.    
  • AirViewer is a remote assistance tool that allows customers to remotely share & control their POS terminal from anywhere, anytime, over the Internet.  
  • GoInsights is an AI-powered cloud-based data analytics service that lets customers turn raw data into valuable business insights by providing an advanced data platform to perform data aggregation, transformation, and analysis.  
  • MAXSTORE’s innovative ecosystem provides, real-time data, statistical reporting, and over 7,000 value-added applications to boost sales, improve shopping experience, and increase customer loyalty.