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Payments Orchestration Panel

The Payments Orchestration Panel is utilised for RFPs where there is a need for integrating different payment service providers, acquirers and payment gateways via a unified software layer.

Apexx Global

Apexx Global is a payments orchestration platform integrating acquirers, gateways, shopping carts, and Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) into a single integration. APEXX consults its enterprise level customers to consolidate their global payments service provider relationships and all their reporting and transactional data in a single interface.

APEXX integrates additional services that merchants require to streamline their services. Some of these include EPOS systems, VAT calculation tools, AML management services, banking services, foreign exchange platforms and fraud and chargeback management software.

Key Strengths
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant and ISO 27001 ready.
  • APEXX facilitates end-to-end connectivity to over 150 APMs servicing all major global ecommerce markets.
  • APEXX’s Intelligent Routing Engine (AIRE) allows flexibility to distribute transaction requests to different payment gateways/acquirers based on defined criteria using data in a merchant’s transaction request.
  • Transactions can be routed to the preferred payment solution provider to optimise success rates and reduce transaction fees.
  • The payments orchestration software platform (ATOMIC) is designed to support localisation, approval ratios or cost, tokenisation, BIN lookup and 3D Secure for security and optimisation.
  • APEXX Atomic consolidates settlement reports for merchants into a single, unified, file of a merchant specified format delivering an efficient reconciliation and reporting process.
  • Internal and 3rd party fraud management capabilities.
  • APEXX BI and Analytics platform are designed to give business users a single reference point for all payment processing insights.


inai is a payment orchestration platform that helps merchants optimise and automate their payment stack. The platform provides a single integration connecting 50+ payment providers, 300+ payment methods (APMs), and 3rd party fraud providers.

Its no-code dashboard enables product managers to add/remove payment methods, configure routing/other business logic, and gain insights on success and failure rates without relying on expensive engineering resources.

inai’s user-friendliness makes it easy to optimise payment strategies without any coding experience. Merchants maintain complete control and data privacy, positioning them for success on the inai’s platform.

Key Strengths
  • Single integration that provides coverage of cards and local payment methods across all six continents.
  • Offers localised checkout experiences across geographies without writing a single line of code.
  • PCI-compliant vault to store sensitive payment information and provide one-click/fast checkout services.
  • Drag and drop UI to add payment methods, run A/B test, and configure routing logics.
  • Ability to support complex use cases (payouts, marketplaces/platforms, recurring billing).
  • Reconciliation: Single dashboard to manage transactions, refunds, and chargebacks.
  • Analytics that provides insights on transaction success rates by payment method, vendor, country, etc. Additional Iinsights on failures by vendor, payment method by the source of failure.
  • Seamless global payments experience, including coverage of non-card and alternative methods in the EU, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.


Gr4vy is a cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) payments platform that simplifies building and managing payment ecosystems for merchants. Gr4vy’s no-code rules engine allows businesses to get access to 100+ unique payment methods and anti-fraud providers worldwide through a single low-code integration, enabling them to scale their payments ecosystem and expand into new markets quickly, with just a few clicks.

Merchants can personalisze checkout experiences for every customer, create dynamic and smart rules for routing and retries, tokenisze transactions, migrate data between providers and much more. Gr4vy is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, PSP-agnostic, and offers dedicated cloud instances for resilience, redundancy, and performance, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure.

Key Strengths
  • One simple and flexible low-code integration gives you access to different payment providers, 100+ unique payment methods, and anti-fraud providers worldwide with the ability to integrate in many ways, including through an e-commerce platform plugin.
  • Route transactions to maximise approval rates whilst customising payment flow, and create automated failover rules and conditions to control what payment options are shown to buyers.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with Gr4vy’s PSP-agnostic centralised PCI DSS Level 1 certified vault, allowing you to securely collect and store card data and tokenise transactions while seamlessly migrating all your data across multiple PSPs.
  • Reduce risk and compliance burden and eliminate single point of failure with Gr4vy’s IaaS dedicated cloud instances. Have full control over the bespoke resilience, redundancy, and performance expected from a cloud service, with the ability to set up regional cloud instances.


Paydock is an enterprise-grade payments orchestration platform focused on reducing the substantial cost and effort within a merchant’s payments experience. A single-vendor approach to payments is no longer viable. Merchants need to deploy an array of global and local services to maximise both cost savings and payments performance. Paydock makes this simple via one API integration and one dashboard through which merchants can connect and manage unlimited payments providers. Paydock is built to help merchants keep up with the pace of payments innovation by reducing compliance, technical, and administrative costs and at the same time improving the overall payment experience through a set of supportive tooling to remove friction and inefficiency.

Key Strengths
  • Plug-and-play SDK that allows one secure integration for any payment service.
  • Active presence in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia with over 50 global processing partners connected onto its proprietary technology stack plus over 100+ more available with partnered connections, and more being added monthly.
  • Universal token vault that gives control of card tokens back to merchants.
  • Set up routing rules for the most efficient pricing and failover capabilities.
  • Direct-to-scheme and direct-to-acquirer integrations available.
  • Full white label service including Brand, Master Merchant, and Sub-Merchant APIs and Dashboards – Deployed or Managed.
  • Master Merchant Framework allows creation of unlimited Sub-merchant accounts and the ability to monitor transactional activity from a single dashboard and through API.
  • ISO27001, PCI-DSS v 3.2.1 Level 1 & GDPR Compliant.


payFURL is an Australian-based company which provides a purpose-built payments orchestration platform and supports many payment providers, servicing over 50 countries. The company’s core customers are those businesses who sell goods and services online across online retail, ticketing, memberships, subscriptions, fundraising and eInvoicing. payFURL provides merchants, platforms and even payment service providers a new way to manage their online payments.

Key Strengths
  • Smart Routing provides dynamic lowest cost routing of individual transactions and control of checkout payment methods available.
  • Seamless management of multiple providers through a single API.
  • Providers include Stripe, Westpac PayWay, Paypal, Afterpay, Zip Money, Cybersource, Ezidebit, Authorize.Net, NAB Transact and Pin Payments.
  • Single PCI compliant connector allows it to keep pace with the evolving technology and easily integrate to a clients’ payment ecosystem.
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) provided to allow developers to easily connect to payFURL.
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), running in multiple availability zones to maximise reliability and resilience.
  • Provides a No Code / Low Code connection to the payment service providers to help clients keep control of their payment related fees.


Primer provides a no-code automation platform for payments and commerce. Founded in 2020, its mission is to make payments a first-class product area for merchants, developers and payments teams enabling companies to unify their entire payment and commerce stack and build sophisticated, end-to-end payment flows with a checkout. You can enable any payment service with clicks – no code needed. The platform is made up of four key components: Payments, Universal Checkout, Connections, and Workflows. Merchants have the ready-made intrastructure they need to optimize for payment success through one integration, with intuitive workflows and a powerful payment infrastructure.

Key Strengths
  • PCI-1 & GDPR-compliant.
  • Over 70 connections and integrations available.
  • Fully agnostic payment infrastructure with 99.99% platform uptime, global coverage and 24/7 incident response.
  • Unified Payments API and suite of tools optimise payments supporting different processors and utilises adaptive security, network tokenisation and centralised vault.
  • Capacity to build powerful automations for payments and commerce stack that is dynamically synced with Universal Checkout.
  • Consolidation of settlement data across all processors with a unified ledger for commerce stack.
  • Store payment methods centrally for recurring payments across processors without the need to re-capture payment data.
  • Building of comprehensive conditions for dynamic presentment on the checkout, to offer relevant options to customers based on their location.


BR-DGE is a payment technology company that has built an independent, enterprise-grade payment orchestration platform that empowers merchants to take control of the end-to-end payment journey through a seamless, single access point to the payment ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, BR-DGE is a growth partner to merchants, enabling them to scale into new markets, build resilient payment processes, optimise authorisation rates, consolidate and act on real-time reporting, and onboard new, innovative features and payment integrations at speed. Its modular product suite can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual merchant, and includes BR-DGE Connect, BR-DGE Optimise, BR-DGE Vault and BR-DGE Insights.

Key Strengths
  • PCI Level 1 certified and ISO 27001 ready
  • An independent and agnostic payment solution, with 99.9% global uptime, 24/7 support and global connectivity
  • Offers a unified payments solution, with modular functionality to support specific merchant needs, all accessible via a single API integration.
  • BR-DGE Connect provides merchants with real-time access to more than 100 different payment service providers and over 300 alternative payment methods. Merchants can easily make dynamic changes to their payment experience to improve authorisation rates, adapt to demand, reduce transaction costs and build-in greater resilience to technical outages.
  • BR-DGE Optimise allows merchants to dynamically route the payment journey based on card details such as BIN, currency, value, acceptance performance and transaction insight and more.
  • BR-DGE Vault, is an independent token vault that allows merchants to leverage network tokens to reduce fraud, increase payment acceptance, and ensure credentials are kept up to date.
  • BR-DGE Insights provides consolidated (from multiple systems), in-depth reports on payments’ performance, so merchants can make informed decisions in real-time.