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FX and Cross-Border Payments Panel

The FX and Cross-border Payments Panel is utilised for RFPs where there is a requirement to make account to account payments from one country to another.


Airwallex is a financial services platform providing foreign exchange and cross-border payment capabilities to businesses. Through a global infrastructure and API-first approach, Airwallex helps SMEs and large enterprises accept, convert and pay out in 45 currencies worldwide at competitive rates.

Launched in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, Airwallex supports 160+ payment methods in 180+ countries and provides FX, online payment acceptance, global payouts, global bank accounts, borderless cards, and a suite of APIs. These capabilities can also be embedded to create white-labelled financial products and services.

Key Strengths
  • Offers a full suite of banking solutions for customers, including creating global bank accounts, storing funds, performing financial operations (DD, cheque, local bank-to-bank transfer), and issuing cards globally.
  • Like-for-like settlement and payouts in multiple currencies.
  • Programmatically creates connected accounts, streamlines onboarding and compliance, manages fund flows without requiring PayFac registration, and instantly transfers funds between connected accounts.
  • Creates local and domestic payments at scale, delivering via local clearing networks at low cost.
  • Multi-currency wallet capability with a centralised ledger for incoming and outgoing funds.
  • Collects direct debits from clients’ accounts without tapping into multiple systems and ledgers.
  • Provides real-time account-to-account cross-border payments between your platform and your customers.
  • Offers native API integrations that allow you to own 100% of the front-end UI.
  • Fully compliant and licensed in all the regions where they operate.


Monoova is an Australian payments service provider that enables seamless account-to-account transactions for businesses via one simple API integration. Monoova’s API automates how businesses receive, manage and pay funds across multiple payment methods including Enhanced Direct Debit, BPAY, Direct Entry, NPP, PayID, PayTo and card acquiring launching this year.

Monoova’s payment solutions are customisable, scalable and tailored for every business – from startups to large enterprises. Payment processing and management are streamlined with Monoova, delivering business efficiencies and improved merchant and customer payment experiences.

Key Strengths
  • 1 API integration that connects businesses to all the main payment rails in Australia.
  • Monoova’s Automatcher solution assigns unique account numbers and PayIDs to every single customer for automated account reconciliation in real-time.
  • Support from a local, dedicated team of experts based in North Sydney.
  • Leverage FX capabilities for cross-border payments and competitive wholesale rates.
  • Ongoing commitment to provide the best security standards for clients are reflected through achieving SOC 2 Type I and being a member of FS-ISAC.
  • The payments portal utilises advanced multi-factor authorisation helping prevent fraud and adding an extra layer of security.
  • API is built on trusted RESTful architecture which allows building a scalable and adaptable solution for your payment flows.
  • Automates AUSTRAC reporting assisting customers to automate reporting for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) to Australia’s financial crime watchdog.