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With customers increasingly using tap-and-go (contactless) payments in-store and shopping online, payments acceptance costs are rapidly rising. This also means that the reliability of payments systems has become even more critical.

New payment features like least-cost routing (AKA merchant choice routing, smart routing or ‘tap and save’), new payment types (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, Azupay, POLi), and new payment methods (smart phones, smart watches, QR codes) create opportunities, but increase complexity at the same time.

Now is an ideal time to check out the different payments service provider options in the market. However, working through the different options can be difficult particularly with all the different pricing structures and ways least-cost routing can be implemented.

A payments industry expert like Payments Consulting Network will find the best way to optimise payments acceptance costs and functionality.

We created Merchant Advisory to highlight what we do for businesses and not-for-profit organisations to reduce payments acceptance costs, while addressing integrations; systems reliability and redundancy; reporting; settlement timeframes; and acceptance of new payment types.

Our Fee Savings Calculator is a sophisticated tool to help easily compare alternate transaction routing options and pricing structures across different service providers. It’s one of the ways we help clarify potential cost savings.

We recognise that the services and support required can have many variables, so we provide a range of different services:

Payments Volumes < $20 million p.a. $20-400 million p.a. > $400 million p.a.
Business Type Merchant / Not-for-Profit Merchant / Not-for-Profit Merchant / Industry Association / Buying Group
Service Service Description Fee Basis Services Available
Pricing Comparison Compares your current fees with an alternative service provider sourced from our PSP Panel. Free
Payments Optimisation Review High level review of current payments arrangements, including benchmarking of current cost of acceptance, analysis of least-cost-routing impact,  consideration of surcharging options, and a fee audit. Fixed Fee
Short-Form Request for Proposal 7-week tender process, single round of pricing submissions, with RFP sent to the incumbent PSP and 4 PSP Panel members. Fixed Fee or Share of Projected Year 1 Savings
Long-Form Request for Proposal 16-18-week tender process, 2 rounds of pricing negotiation, with RFP sent to incumbent PSP and 4-7 additional PSPs. Optional concurrent card scheme negotiations where appropriate. Fixed Fee or Share of Projected Year 1 Savings

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To read recent client testimonials, please refer to the Case Studies section as these highlight the difference engaging Payments Consulting Network can make.

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