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Real Time A2A Payments Panel

The Real-time A2A Payments Panel is utilised for RFPs where there is a need for automation of real-time account-to-account payments as a standalone function or this functionality is not available via the incumbent payment service provider.


Monoova is an Australian payments service provider that enables seamless account-to-account transactions for businesses via one simple API integration. Monoova’s API automates how businesses receive, manage and pay funds across multiple payment methods including Enhanced Direct Debit, BPAY, Direct Entry, NPP, PayID, PayTo and card acquiring launching this year.

Monoova’s payment solutions are customisable, scalable and tailored for every business – from startups to large enterprises. Payment processing and management are streamlined with Monoova, delivering business efficiencies and improved merchant and customer payment experiences.

Key Strengths
  • 1 API integration that connects businesses to all the main payment rails in Australia.
  • Monoova’s Automatcher solution assigns unique account numbers and PayIDs to every single customer for automated account reconciliation in real-time.
  • Support from a local, dedicated team of experts based in North Sydney.
  • Leverage FX capabilities for cross-border payments and competitive wholesale rates.
  • Ongoing commitment to provide the best security standards for clients are reflected through achieving SOC 2 Type I and being a member of FS-ISAC.
  • The payments portal utilises advanced multi-factor authorisation helping prevent fraud and adding an extra layer of security.
  • API is built on trusted RESTful architecture which allows building a scalable and adaptable solution for your payment flows.
  • Automates AUSTRAC reporting assisting customers to automate reporting for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) to Australia’s financial crime watchdog.


Azupay is an Australian provider of real-time payment solutions to small and medium enterprises, Governments, banks, billers and established Australian brands.

It taps into the New Payments Platform (NPP) to modernise inbound and outbound payments using PayID and PayTo for businesses. With its expertise in NPP-powered payment solutions, Azupay was the first to market with a C2B solution for PayID and facilitated the first PayTo transaction in August 2022. Azupay’s products help merchants to receive instant automatically reconciled payments, safely and for a fraction of the cost of traditional payment methods.

Key Strengths
  • Azupay helps Australian businesses to simply and safely access the benefits of real-time payments (PayID and PayTo) via the New Payments Platform.
  • Receive payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts, with instant payment verification provided.
  • Azupay API integration helps reduce the complexity and time required to start accepting payments – with full local support provided to every merchant.
  • Options to manage payment initiation through email, text, invoice, mobile, QR code, terminals and website (eComm).
  • Azupay products support your back-office with straight through reconciliation and concise daily transaction reporting.
  • The Azupay team can provide insights on payment security, regulatory compliance, and customer-centric design.
  • Enterprise-grade security – SOC 2 Type II compliant, real-time fraud monitoring and detection on all NPP initiated transactions.
  • Offering a flat per-transaction fee and not a percentage (merchant service fee).


Finverse is an APAC focused modern API that offers a fast and easy way for businesses to send and receive payments directly between bank accounts. Finverse handles complex bank integrations and provides an off-the-shelf solution for variable payments for any amount, and at any frequency.

Finverse champions payment choice for payers, supporting autopay, 1-click pay, FPS, FAST PayNow, cards, and multiple regional wallets. Embedded payment links enable a smoother customer payment experience (within the app/portal/invoice), with bank methods offering up to 85% savings compared to cards.

Key Strengths

  • Low-cost way to collect high volume payments – powerful electronic Direct Debit and eGIRO connectivity available in Hong Kong and Singapore, without complex bank integrations.
  • Collect direct debit and FPS/FAST payments, and payout (both bulk and automated payouts supported) to vendors, employees, suppliers, etc.
  • Payment method enables automated account reconciliation in real-time.
  • Add Finverse as a “Pay now” option on any invoices generated (I.e., Xero or any other software)
  • Implements security controls mapped to ISO 27001 standards and monitored through a leading 3rd-party compliance and security automation platform.
  • Authentication for customer API integrations via API keys – Authentication for Finverse’s customer dashboard via Auth0, a leading 3rd party access management platform, supporting common single sign-on (SSO) and social login methods.


Zepto is an Australian, real-time account-to-account payments infrastructure provider to enterprise businesses. As the first fintech to connect directly to the New Payments Platform (NPP), Zepto has positioned itself as a trusted infrastructure player in modernising payment experiences.

Its API opens a unique set of access points to Australia’s payments rails enabling businesses to take, make and manage payments in real-time — all the time — between bank accounts in faster, data-rich ways that can transform business processes, customer experience and costs.

Founded in Bryon Bay in 2017, Zepto has grown from a start-up to a multi award-winning payments technology company, processing annual transaction values of some $50 billion.

Key Strengths
  • With the decommissioning of Australia’s BECS payments infrastructure approaching, Zepto is helping businesses manage their transition to modern, digital payment solutions like PayTo, PayID, NPP payouts/ins and more.
  • Fintech agility, accessibility and support underpinned by enterprise grade infrastructure delivering extensibility, security and stability.
  • Unique capabilities by bridging both Australia’s BECS and NPP payments infrastructure enabling blended, hybrid solutions.
  • A simple-to-use API engineered for great developer experience and ease of integration. Built as a RESTful API using JSON as its data-interchange format, it’s designed to feel homely but behave performant and modular-in-style.
  • Highly composable, Zepto’s API lets merchants acquire, receive, disburse, identify parties, establish consent, create virtual accounts and reconcile everything automatically.
  • Zepto’s cloud-native application and infrastructure are compliant with, among other standards, ASAE 3150 & CIS Benchmark Level 2.
  • All persisted data is encrypted at rest in highly available, replicated databases across Australian regions.
  • Data and payment messaging is granular and real-time, supporting better automated, data-led business decision making and customer experiences.