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Loyalty Panel

The Loyalty Panel is utilised for RFPs where there is a need for loyalty programs, services and technology to improve customer acquisition, sales and retention.

Elevate Loyalty

Elevate Loyalty is a Profit for Purpose business specialising in loyalty, incentives, gift cards and digital solutions servicing clients who are looking to attract, retain, reward or incentivise an audience.

Elevate Loyalty offers a global rewards marketplace with a portfolio from over 170 countries that can advise, procure, and deliver rewards from any category and with multiple delivery mechanics. Using fast-to-market technology, they offer acquisition, retention, and refer-a-friend campaigns to achieve first-party data and direct feedback.

Elevate Loyalty delivers digital payment solutions to loyalty, incentive and member programs. The solutions offered include OneTap Loyalty, where the payment card becomes the loyalty card; Digital Passes, Cards and Tickets for digitising a ticket, a retail offer or a gift card;

Key Strengths


  • Supports any program type, including loyalty, employee, acquisition or retention campaigns for all industry verticals.
  • Rewards content is adaptable and includes a range of brands, delivery mechanics and expiry types to suit any campaign, program or promotion.


  • Drives active rates within a loyalty program and provides data and insights for greater personalisation.
  • A loyalty member gives consent to include their payment card​.​ E​very time they transact, they trigger the same loyalty alert as the loyalty card when scanned.
  • The payment card replicates the loyalty card functionality and activates the event determined by the program construct.
  • Is an API based system that integrates with any app or web technology.
  • Identifies transactions in real-time, providing valuable program data.
  • The technology works with any new or existing member or loyalty program and is suitable for any program construct – for example, points, benefits, rewards and subscriptions.