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Working for several charities has meant we have come across many free and discounted services that some charities are tapping into. But not all charities are aware of these valuable resources. We have set up this resources page to share helpful information, links and offers available to charities, in one handy location.

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Helpful Articles

The Significance of Purpose at Work and the Role of Corporate Giving 

1 August 2023|

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the significance of purpose in the workplace, leading employees to re-evaluate their lives and prioritise deeper meaning and fulfilment in their work. In response, organisations are turning to corporate giving initiatives to help employees find purpose in their professional lives. This article explores the [...]

How to Communicate Better Through Pitch Coaching

16 February 2023|

For grassroots for-purpose organisations to survive, they need to quickly and effectively communicate their unique case for support to potential funders. Improving their skills and confidence in this area is essential to developing and strengthening connections and can play a critical role in securing much-needed funding. The Funding Network [...]

4 Questions Every Charity Should Ask to Save Costs

14 November 2022|

There are several ways charities can save costs by just knowing what questions to ask. Often small charities in particular rely heavily on volunteers and part-time staff. As staff are time poor, quick decisions based on limited research are often made on platform selection that can lead to paying [...]

Useful Resources

Atlassian Foundation

Atlassian's Community licenses and subscriptions are designed for qualifying charitable non-profit organisations that are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political, and have no religious affiliation. Atlassian’s Community offerings include free self-managed Data Center licensing or cloud subscriptions at 75% off list price. You can find more information about eligibility and support offerings on their website, see here.

Connecting Up

The Connecting Up program supports Australian and New Zealand not-for-profits to build stronger communities through the use of technology. Since 2007, a growing list of leading tech companies have partnered with Connecting Up to support the sector with donated and discounted IT products and online learning.

Connecting Up is free to join and access. Over 35,000 not-for-profit members rely on the program to supply them with best-in-market prices on cloud-based products, hardware, software and training.


Give2Asia provides a trusted giving platform to international donors and builds resources for Asia-Pacific charities. Its Friends Funds is a cost-effective solution to raise funds from international supporters. It allows non-profits to receive tax-deductible gifts from overseas supporters.

DisasterLink platform enables disaster experts in Asia to find peer organisations, strengthen their expertise, and share best practices. If your organisation runs community-based programs for disaster risk reduction and preparedness, read more about DisasterLink or explore the platform.


Founded in 2000, GoodCompany was Australia’s first Skilled Volunteer portal. In 2007, GoodCompany merged with the Karma Currency Foundation, to become a hybrid Social Enterprise and Technology Company that embraces both a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and ‘for purpose’ structures to create greater social outcomes for everybody.

We offer payroll giving facilitations, charity gift cards, charity gift registrations, online giving, matching, volunteering and skilled volunteering to drive your Company’s employee engagement.

GoodCompany has grown more than 70,000 donors, raised more than $15,000,000 in donations and has over 1,800 Charities to choose from with over 17,000 hours volunteered. 

As a charity to find out how to sign up please click HERE and if you are a Corporate wanting a complete CSR solution please click HERE to contact us for a demonstration.

Help your non-profit collaborate more effectively with smart, secure business apps like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet when you join Google for Non-profits.

Impact Consulting

Impact Consulting has built an international network of skilled volunteers to provide consulting services for non-profits, social enterprises and start ups. You will get a dedicated project team working with you across many aspects of your organisation for 3 months.

Complete the form found in their Social Impact Organisations page to learn more about receiving support from their team.


Microsoft provides grants and discounted solutions to eligible non-profits.

  • Learn if you are eligible here.
  • Find out who can use the granted license and discounted license here.

Payments2us provides a platform that allows you to capture all your payments for donation, event, memberships or peer-to-peer fundraising online and seamlessly have them update your Salesforce NPSP (Non-profit Success Pack) instance.

  • Start your free trial or contact them for a demo.
  • View their non-profit pricing plan here.
  • Any charities  referred by Payments Consulting Network receive up to $15 per month of free add-on services, just mention our name and this offer. 
  • If you select Windcave as your preferred PSP to connect with Payments2Us then contact us first to access the lower charity MSF rates we have negotiated directly with Windcave.

PayPal offers discounted transaction rates for confirmed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsed charities for most products.

PayPal Giving Fund helps people support their favorite charities online. PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge your charity a fee for its services. However, some of its partners may charge fees on donations made through their platforms. PayPal makes it easy for donors to discover your charity and donate. When you enroll, you'll automatically be listed in the PayPal app and on PayPal's fundraising site.

  • Enrol your charity. You just need a PayPal account with confirmed charity status to enroll. Use your PayPal account to log in and enroll.

Salesforce's Power of Us gives eligible non-profits and educational institutions up to 10 free subscriptions from Salesforce.

  • Many non-profits start with the Non-profit Success Pack.
  • Non-profit Cloud Pricing: Non-profit Cloud includes Fundraising, Marketing & Engagement, Program Management, and Grantmaking solutions, along with additional products. You can see the offering in their Non-profit Pricing Guide.
  • Use Salesforce for free or at a discount: Learn more about the eligibility and take their readiness survey here.

You can also access Salesforce expertise by requesting up to 20 hours of pro bono services from their members.


Shout is an 0% commission fees online fundraising platform that integrates giving into your everyday. Shout is part of ANZ’s broader strategy to connect people and communities to the causes they care about by providing seamless ways of giving through trusted fundraising solutions.

  • Contact Shout to register your charity
    • No commission fees, ongoing fees or transaction fees for Visa/Mastercard credit card transactions. View rate sheet.
    • Expand your reach by listing on their website and app.
    • Bi-monthly remittance.

Stripe offers a discounted processing fee for qualifying non-profit organisations. Stripe's custom charity pricing structure is only applicable for organisations accepting donations (e.g. not selling products or tickets), and by receiving these discounted rates, the organisation will be agreeing to primarily use the Stripe account for this purpose.

  • For Australian non-profits with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) staus, email and request to be placed on the Stripe charity rate.
  • For US based organisations that have non-profit status and will be processing 80% or more of donation payments on Stripe, email the following information:
    • EIN, or a letter from the IRS designating your 501(c)(3) status
    • Confirmation of the primary email address associated with your Stripe account
    • Confirmation that greater than 80% of your payment volume will be tax deductible donations. Some examples of non-eligible donations include membership fees, tuition payments, ticket sales, registration fees, and auction payments.

You may also Contact Stripe Support for more information on their Terminal pricing for non-profit organisations.


Suncorp offers registered Australian charities the following rates for EFTPOS (in-store) payments (inclusive of GST):

  • Visa and Mastercard – 0.33% of transaction value.
  • eftpos – $0.055 per transaction.
  • Least-cost routing enabled.
  • Monthly terminal rental –  standalone terminal $31.90, countertop integrated broadband terminal $31.90, or cloud based integrated POS $35.20.
  • 3 year contract, $330 contract break fee.
  • No minimum monthly fee, annual fees or MOTO (mail order, telephone order) fees.
  • ATO confirmation of charitable status and product approval must be provided at the time of the application.
  • Please contact Robyn Shorten to apply to access this rate and mention Payments Consulting Network. For successful applications referred by Payments Consulting Network, Suncorp will pay a referral payment to The Life You Can Save based on transaction volume.
The Funding Network

The Funding Network (TFN) brings people together to find, fund and fuel grassroots social change initiatives that directly help people in need. Through dynamic live crowdfunding events that inspire collective giving, TFN connects grassroots non-profits and social enterprises to people and organisations interested in investing their money, time and talent to create a better world.

The grassroots non-profits who successfully apply to participate in a TFN crowdfunding event are given professional pitch coaching prior to the event and access to the TFN Alumni program that links them to a wealth of pro-bono resources and opportunities.

TFN also offers their successful crowdfunding event model and pitch coaching workshops to other non-profits, supporting organisations large and small as they seek to engage their donors and meet their fundraising targets. These ‘powered by TFN’ crowdfunding events support the broader non-profit sector with an aim to deepen the culture of giving in Australia. 

Sign up to the TFN mailing list to be first to receive information about upcoming opportunities for non-profit organisations


VOLI is a start-up on a mission to revolutionise social impact on a global scale.
An all-in-one platform empowering individuals, companies, and causes to do more good, more often. Making doing good easy, measuring it even easier and rewards you for your efforts. No matter who you are, or how you give.
To find out more, visit their website.

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