preventing payments fraud

Fraud and Chargeback Management Panel

The Fraud and Chargeback Management Panel is utilised for RFPs for fraud prevention and risk management solutions related to payments acceptance.


ClearSale offers ecommerce fraud protection solutions, chargeback protection guarantees for ecommerce merchants. Trusted by over 6,000+ customers worldwide with a customer retention rate of 99%, ClearSale helps businesses prevent fraudulent chargebacks without interfering with the online shopping experience. It has 20+ years of experience delivering fully outsourced fraud solutions for enterprise organisations in over 160 countries.

Key Strengths
  • Uses a balanced approach that combines artificial intelligence, advanced statistical techniques and the strength of 1,500+ specialised fraud analysts to detect fraud and approve more sales.
  • Covers card-not-present transactions including web orders, email orders, virtual terminal orders, telephone orders and mail orders.
  • Major ecommerce platform plugins and APIs include BigCommerce, Magento, Maropost, nopCommerce, Oracle Commerce Cloud, PrestaShop, Punchmark, Salesforce, Shift4Shop, Shopify, Thinkspace, Thomalex, VTEX, Volusion, WooCommerce, and Zoey.
  • Offers end-to-end chargeback services that span prevention to management to mitigation in partnership with enterprise chargeback management service provider ChargebackOps.
  • Offers two forms of chargeback coverage: Chargeback Protection and Chargeback Insurance.
  • Compliant and compatible with all data protection legislation.
  • Does not auto-decline orders. Gray-area transactions undergo a proprietary secondary analysis so they can be accurately approved or flagged as fraud.
  • Provides online dashboards, proprietary fingerprint and behaviour tools, customised fraud analysis portals and tools to operators’ management.


Featurespace™ specialises in enterprise financial crime solutions to prevent fraud and money laundering. They invented the Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and Automated Deep Behavioral Networks, both of which are available through the ARIC™ Risk Hub, a real-time machine learning platform that risk scores events in more than 180 countries to prevent fraud and financial crime.

ARIC Risk Hub uses advanced, explainable anomaly detection to enable financial institutions to automatically identify risk, catch new fraud attacks and identify suspicious activity in real time.

Key Strengths
  • More than 30 major global financial institutions use ARIC Risk Hub to protect their businesses and their customers. Publicly announced customers include HSBC, TSYS, Worldpay, NatWest Group, Contis, Danske Bank, ClearBank and Permanent TSB.
  • Quick to install, ARIC Risk Hub delivers low transaction latency, high event throughput and reduced response, investigation and handling time.
  • Adaptive Behavioral Analytics enables financial services providers to use real-time machine learning to block and detect fraud. It also uses self-learning models with no manual retuning required.
  • Automated Deep Behavioral Networks purposely designed for the Card and Payments industry, offers an enhanced layer of protection from scams, account takeovers, cards and payments fraud.
  • ARIC Risk Hub for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) helps profile good behaviour to fight financial crime effectively with an enterprise AML Transaction Monitoring solution.
  • ARIC Risk Hub for Merchant Acquiring Fraud Prevention combines transactional event and merchant information with behavioural data which enables its customers to monitor and identify merchant risk including, but not limited to, transaction laundering, exemption management, merchant bust out, high risk fraud attacks and chargeback abuse.


Kount, an Equifax Company, is a solution provider for digital fraud prevention holding over 30 patents and counting. Kount’s solutions serve over 17,000 brands globally and have over a decade of data informing their advanced AI and machine learning models. Kount and Equifax joined forces in 2021 to transform digital enablement and consumer insights. Their digital fraud solutions combine physical and digital identifier data to build comprehensive customer personas. Kount and Equifax are levelling the playing field and giving more businesses access to data that can help them protect their digital assets from fraud while simultaneously enhancing user experience across the entire customer journey.

Key Strengths
  • End-to-end protection and enhancement of customer experiences from account creation, log in security and payment transactions.
  • Enables users to make rapid and accurate decisions at massive scale by simulating the decision process of the most experienced fraud analysts in real time.
  • Kount’s unsupervised machine learning detects emerging fraud attacks by using advanced algorithms, faster and more accurately than human judgment alone.
  • Supervised machine learning learns from past decisions which analyses historical transactions and looks for signals that have predicted fraud in the past.
  • Kount’s web console enables users to set their own rules and policies to fine-tune decisions, conduct investigations, stop emerging attacks and launch new use cases.
  • Helps merchants comply with SCA directives and reduce friction without losing sales and enable compliance with reduced cost.
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) protection and Know your Customer (KYC) data leverages real-time and batch screening and ongoing portfolio monitoring at a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Offers chargeback management solutions that create multiple layers of protection and end-to-end strategy for different chargeback challenges.