Inspiring Business Podcast Episode #52: It’s not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction

Steve Sandor in his Inspiring Business Podcast recently featured Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN), in Episode #52 entitled: It’s not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction.

The podcast covers a fascinating discussion highlighting PCN’s approach and it’s pathway to success.  

“For me, it’s about collaboration.  That’s the reason behind PCN’s tagline – Connect, Collaborate, Create. Hence, partnerships are important.”

Here are more points you may look forward to listening to as Mangala discusses how he did things a little differently while running PCN for nine years and counting: 

  • Leveraging payments industry experts with 15 to 40+ years of industry experience from across the globe aligned with client requirements – which he describes as the reverse pyramid of consulting.

“We can bring a team together that has the skillsets and experience that our clients need, providing them with a specific approach that works for them to address their problems—having the right people at the right time to work on their project.”

  • Developing industry solutions to common client problems such as the merchant services Pricing Comparison service for small businesses, and the Australian ATM Round Table.

“We highlight to small businesses that there are alternatives and use the expertise that we gain at the bigger end of the market to help small businesses as well. We try to make it simple for them by providing pricing quotes easily and do the number crunching and provide resource links to help them make an informed decision on what payments service provider to use.”

  • Providing thought leadership through the insights shared in the blog articles rather than on business development, taking the view that the company should add value first, then the clients will follow.

“One of the things that we do successfully is that we provide thought leadership through content. When people find value in what we’re doing and have a project opportunity then hopefully they will reach out to us.”

  • Investing profits and time back into the charities that PCN supports via the Giving Program.

“In terms of purpose, I  set up a giving fund and a large chunk of the business profit goes into that and it’s been building over time… PCN is effectively a social enterprise.”

The collaborative and giving aspect is most important for Mangala, as he highlights Payments Consulting Network’s collaboration with independent consultants and consulting firms. Tapping industry experience and industry experts as consultants focusing on solving problems and continually sharing insights on a global level through valuable content.

Timestamp    Highlights

6:59 – 8:03       PCN as an evolving business

11:32 – 14:54     Doing things that are more aligned to your values

14:55 – 16:25     PCN as an effective collaboration

29:06 – 32:11    Insight into what is the problem that you solve and who do you solve it for? 

Listen to the full podcast and witness the moments of wisdom woven into the conversation here. 


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