Podcast Episode 18: Exploring PayFac Partnerships in Global Commerce

Episode 18 Exploring PayFac Partnerships in Global CommerceIn this episode of Payments Beats, Ken Musante, Commercial Director from Payments Consulting Network is joined by Caleb Avery, CEO and Founder of Tilled, one of the payment facilitators gaining momentum in the industry today.

Together, they discuss why PayFacs are increasingly considered by industries and businesses examining the diverse range of benefits they provide.

They also delve into how payment facilitators enhance businesses through streamlined payment processing, improved customer experiences, and enhanced financial insights.

Join us as we uncover the untapped potential of payment facilitators and their impact on shaping the future of payments in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Listen to the full episode below.


Ken Musante, Commercial Director, Payments Consulting Network


Avery Caleb, CEO and Founder, Tilled

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