Tyro ‘Tap & Save’ Merchants Achieve Up to 20 Percent Savings

Tyro has achieved over 10 percent conversion of existing merchants and solid increase in new merchant sign-ups since its launch of least cost routing in March 2018.

Payment Consulting Network’s Catherine Batch spoke to Tyro’s Bronwyn Yam about its recent disruption activity.

According to Yam the Australian market has responded well to Tyro’s least cost routing product ‘Tap & Save’ which was launched two months ago.

For the uninitiated, least cost routing is where a merchant chooses to route a debit contactless payment transaction over the network that offers the lower cost for that transaction.

“Our success has gone beyond our initial estimate and we have seen over 10 percent conversion of our existing merchant base to use least cost routing, and a solid increase in merchant acquisitions since the launch. We have achieved our aim of putting pressure on the bigger players.”

The micro and small business market have been quick to embrace least cost routing.

“With merchants achieving up to a 20 percent saving in fees there is certainly a lot to be gained,” Yam said.

“At all times, it is about the merchant’s choice and what is right for their business.”

“There are times where a merchant may have programs in place that offer benefits such as purchase protection, product warranty or rewards with the international schemes which would make least cost routing less beneficial,” Yam concluded.

Author: Catherine Batch, Research Director, Australia, Payments Consulting Network. 

Catherine Bach has over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, product management and communications.  Her experience has been gained working in London, Sydney and Brisbane in senior management and consulting roles.Catherine has extensive experience in the Australian payments market launching a start up in 2015 where she managed regulatory requirements, applied for licensing and developed shareholder agreements.


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