Podcast Episode 15: Unlocking 3DS: Evolution & Future in Payment

In this engaging episode, Marcia Klingensmith, Director at Payments Consulting Network, guides us through the intricate evolution of 3D Secure, providing a comprehensive understanding of its inception and the subsequent evolution into a seamless and data-enriched experience.

Joined by the CEO and Co-Founder of PAAY, Yitz Mendlowitz, our conversation extends beyond the historical context, delving into the global adoption of 3D Secure and the challenges inherent in its implementation.

Discover how 3DS is adapting to new payment trends like CBDCs, cryptocurrencies, and instant payments, enhancing security and reducing friction. Join us for a concise yet insightful journey through the changing landscape of payments! Listen to the episode below.

Marcia Klingensmith, Director at Payments Consulting Network

Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO and Co-founder at PAAY

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