Podcast Episode 16: Seamless Asia 2024: Beyond the Hype on Crypto and Blockchain

Seamless Asia 2024In the dynamic landscape of finance and technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic again, casting a spotlight on their profound impact on payments, banking, and e-commerce. Ross McIntyre, Associate, Payments Consulting Network, interviews Karim Raffa of KPMG, Ivy Fung, VP Women in Blockchain Asia, and Digital Assets Expert Tim Way to discuss Seamless Asia 2024 as a relevant avenue to know more about CBDCs, tokenisation of real world assets (RWA), stablecoins, loyalty applications, and an array of innovative products that have emerged in tandem with the exponential growth of Asia’s internet economy.

Join us on this exploration of the forefront of innovation, where Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies stand as catalysts for the next chapter in Asia’s financial evolution. Listen to the full episode below.

Ross McIntyre, Associate at Payments Consulting Network

Karim Raffa, Financial Services Advisory – Crypto/Blockchain, KPMG
Ivy Fung, Vice President, Women in Blockchain Asia
Tim Way, Digital assets expert, ex-Accenture & UBS

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