Q&A with Jodie Wilson at Elevate Loyalty

Jodie Wilson Elevate OneTap LoyaltyLoyalty programs have been a core marketing strategy for decades. More than 90% of companies globally have some form of loyalty program. However, it has never been harder to acquire and retain customers. The global shocks of COVID, cost-of-living and political instability, combined with rising consumer expectations, have put the spotlight firmly on what brands are doing to earn the loyalty of their customers. 

Enter Elevate Loyalty. Founded in Australia in 2023, Elevate is a new Australian company with global reach on a mission to lift the engagement, raise the profile and optimise the performance any loyalty program or campaign. 

Terry McMullen, Lead Consultant for Loyalty at Payments Consulting Network, recently caught up with Jodie Wilson, Co-Founder and Director at Elevate Loyalty. Jodie explains Elevate’s fresh take on customer loyalty and shares her insights from working with hundreds of brands over several decades. 

TM: Hi, Jodie! Can I start by asking you to explain the OneTap Loyalty solution – what services do you provide? 

JW:  With OneTap Loyalty, the payment card becomes the loyalty card.  

Our seamless technology identifies members when they pay. It integrates with any program via API to any App or Web based program.  

No matter where, or when a member transacts, in store or online, the program is notified of relevant transactions. The member receives an instant notification and ‘surprise & delight’ moment, and the program receives the data. 

TM: Who are your target customers and what problem are you solving for them?

JW: Any new or existing loyalty, member or subscription program with a low active or scan rate. 

Some of our largest retailers have low scan rates around 20%-30%. They often know the member has shopped, but without the scan or member identification at POS there is no marketing consent and therefore no customer data for the program. The member is anonymous. 

With OneTap Loyalty, the loyalty process is embedded in the transaction. The payment card becomes the loyalty card. 

TM: How do you differentiate from your competitors?

JW: We are loyalty specialists who lift the engagement, raise the profile and optimise any program using digital technology and payment solutions.  

OneTap Loyalty is delivered via API and agnostic to the format, vendor and reward construct of the program.  

We deliver the insights and help a brand build better engagement with real-time messaging to their members.  

TM: Why now for OneTap LoyaltyPay2Elevate?

JW: With the combination of the cost-of-living pressures and phase out of cookies, many brands are looking to loyalty programs. 

The first party data will better inform businesses on buyer behaviour, offer targeting, personalisation and more. 

For the member, having the loyalty moment recognised in real-time. They’re more likely to repeat it and provide a greater share of wallet to that brand over a competitor. 

TM: OneTap Loyalty launched only last year- how has the journey been so far, and what would you say your key achievements have been?

JW: The response from the market has been incredible. We appear to have the right solution, at the right time. 

Having a vendor agnostic solution is a game changer. The program doesn’t need to change. We can integrate into any app or website to help.  

TM: What’s the focus of the business for the next 12-24 months?

JW: We’re building on what we have—SKU or basket level data is being added now. This will allow programs greater targeting within the network and enable collaborations and partnerships outside of it for more program relevant touchpoints.   

TM: And finally, what do you see as the major trends impacting loyalty over the next 2-3 years?

JW: I’m especially interested in areas where payments and loyalty intersect. I think we’ll see more examples like the cross-border reward program being introduced across telcos. 

Personalisation – an oldy, but a goody. Still needs so much work in this area and huge room to improve in 2024 for the loyalty industry. 

Simplification of program construct and removing friction for members to engage and interact. While lots of bells and whistles can sound attractive, too many features can complicate the program and end up making it harder for the member to engage. 

Author: Terry McMullen, Consultant for Loyalty, Sydney, Payments Consulting Network 

Terry McMullen, Consultant for Loyalty, Payments Consulting Network, brings 40 years of expertise in loyalty, with a focus on loyalty and payments convergence. He has a successful history in helping start-ups and mature enterprises design, launch and optimise innovative loyalty solutions. Terry was worked with over 100 organizations including banks, card schemes, payment networks and shopping malls, as a consultant and as CEO of several loyalty providers.


Elevate Loyalty is a member of our Loyalty Panel. 


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