This merchant services Pricing Comparison service is provided exclusively to Retail Drinks Australia (RDA) members.

A Pricing Comparison compares your current merchant services fees with the range of alternative service providers listed below. All pricing comparisons provided using this service incorporate least-cost routing as a standard feature.

To use this service, please confirm that you are an RDA member and complete the contact form below to provide information on your organisation and copies of relevant merchant statements (refer to the FAQ to understand what needs to be submitted). We will then email you the report within 3-5 business days. Enquiry links associated with the pricing outlined in the Pricing Comparison will be provided in the report to enable you to easily commence the application process should you decide to do so.

If you are not an RDA member, you can still complete the contact form and provide copies of relevant merchant statements and we will provide you a summary report of potential fee savings with the payment service provider names anonymised (e.g. Payment Service Provider #1). Once you become an RDA member, you can ask your RDA account manager to advise us and we will email you the full Pricing Comparison reports (i.e. you will not need to resubmit a form or merchant statements).

This service is provided exclusively to RDA members by Payments Consulting Network as a free community service as part of our Giving Program. As such, please consider these terms and conditions.

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This is exclusive to Retail Drinks Australia members only. Please reach out to RDA to enquire about their membership.