Shaping Tomorrow’s Commerce: Key Takeaways from the 2024 Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference

In a world where commerce is increasingly digital and technological innovations continue to redefine the way we transact, the 2024 Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference provided a captivating glimpse into the future of payment processing. With insights fresh from the event, I’m thrilled to share the latest trends and developments shaping the merchant payments landscape. 

Evolution of AI and automation 

One of the prevailing themes at the conference was the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in payment systems. As businesses strive for efficiency and personalized experiences, AI-powered tools are becoming indispensable for fraud detection, customer service, and predictive analytics.  

Presentations highlighted advanced machine learning algorithms capable of optimizing payment workflows, reducing manual intervention, and enhancing the overall efficiency of payment processes. 

Enhancing security and privacy 

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, ensuring the security and privacy of payment transactions remains a top priority for merchants and payment processors. The conference highlighted advancements in encryption technologies, biometric authentication, and decentralized identity solutions aimed at fortifying security and preserving user privacy.  

Compliance with regulatory standards, such as GDPR and PSD2 and the upcoming PSD3, was emphasized as crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in the payment ecosystem. 

Managing fraud and scams 

As frauds have proliferated, several speakers highlighted the fact that scammers are always ahead of prevention. Historically, fraud management has focused on preventing unauthorized transactions. With the use of 2FA/SCA and 3DS, unauthorized payment fraud has been reduced significantly and fraudsters have shifted to scamming consumers.  

To level the playing field, solution providers and merchants need to employ the latest technology to protect themselves and their customers from being defrauded. AI and machine learning technologies play key roles here.  

Acceptance of account-to-account payments 

While account-to-account payments have traditionally been prevalent in B2B transactions, and more recently, in certain countries, in P2P transactions, several sponsors and speakers were underscoring the usefulness of these payments in the merchant environment.  

Using account-to-account payments for bill payments (SEPA request-to-pay) or POS or ecommerce payments could reduce costs, reduce chargebacks, improve reconciliation, improve cash flow, and have other benefits. At the same time, however, building merchant and consumer acceptance will require a rich ecosystem of value-added services around the payment.  

Collaboration and interoperability 

Amidst the rapid pace of innovation, collaboration and interoperability emerged as key drivers of industry growth and innovation. Stakeholders stressed the importance of forging strategic partnerships and adopting open standards to facilitate seamless integration across payment platforms and ecosystems.  

By fostering greater collaboration, merchants can unlock new opportunities for innovation, expand market reach, and deliver enhanced payment experiences to consumers worldwide. 


The 2024 Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference provided invaluable insights into the future of commerce and payments. As merchants navigate this dynamic landscape, embracing AI and looking ahead to the integration of account-to-account payments will be essential for staying ahead of the curve.  

By prioritizing security, collaboration, merchants, and their service providers can pave the way for a more resilient, inclusive, and innovative payments ecosystem in the years to come. 


Author: Leo Lipis, Director, Berlin, Payments Consulting Network 

Drawing on 25+ years of expertise in payment market analysis and product development, Leo offers invaluable business insights for strategically managing product and service innovation. Internationally recognized as a payment system design authority, Leo possesses comprehensive knowledge of payments and related industries. 


Payments Consulting Network was one of the media partners of the recent Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2024. 


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