Empowering CX Strategies: Key Insights from the Customer Experience Summit Asia 2024

In 2024, AI trends are set to revolutionise customer experience, according to a recent Gartner study involving 2500 executives. The study revealed that 38% of participants prioritise customer experience and retention, leveraging generative AI. Across various regions, businesses will intensify efforts to enhance customer experience. In Southeast Asia, the rising influence of Gen-Z and millennials with significant purchasing power underscores the importance of investing in tailored customer experience solutions. Customer service emerges as a key strategy to achieve this goal.

While self-service portals are currently utilised by many organisations, their adoption is expected to rise in 2024 and beyond.

And as digital technology reshapes consumer behaviour, businesses are compelled to adapt swiftly to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Against the backdrop of the Philippines’ ambitious goal of becoming a $1 trillion digital economy, the imperative to comprehend and surpass customer expectations has never been more pressing.

In her coverage of the Customer Experience Summit Asia 2024 last March 21, which took place at the Shangri-la Fort Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Joan Ko, Editor of the Payments Consulting Network delved into the essence of this transformative one-day strategy meeting, where industry luminaries converged to explore the dynamics of CX in today’s landscape.

Organised by Rockbird Media, an innovative event organiser with European roots and a robust presence in Southeast Asia, this summit displayed their expertise in curating top-notch B2B and bespoke events that offer holistic business solutions. The event featured structured sessions, including breakout discussions and one-to-one meetings, alongside networking breaks, all designed to foster meaningful interactions and connections among attendees. Moreover, participants were invited to explore sponsor booths, providing opportunities to engage with solution providers for potential collaborations and relationship building.

CESA 2024 provided a valuable opportunity for solution providers, end-users, and decision-makers to engage in knowledge exchange and discussions surrounding the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in CX. It also aimed to inspire innovation and collaboration in the field of CX to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive deep and get valuable information from the esteemed leaders and industry experts who participated at the event.

Innovative Strategies and Technology Solutions Driving CX

During her keynote, Cynthia Mamon, Chief Operating Officer to one of the country’s long-standing and renowned theme park, Enchanted Kingdom, which is also commemorating its 29th anniversary this year. Mamon highlighted the pivotal role of CX in the theme park industry and how it helped their family business stand as one of the country’s oldest and most distinguished attractions.

Beyond entertainment, Mamon underscored the need for agility and innovation in the face of evolving consumer expectations. She highlighted the critical role of technology, from AI to data analytics, in understanding and meeting customer preferences. With a human-centric approach, their business put importance in embracing change and fostering genuine connections with their guests who have now utilised digital tools for ticketing, ride reservations, interactive attractions, and personalised guest experiences.

“Enchanted Kingdom has a higher purpose of giving happiness on earth, so in our own ways, we make sure each visit is tailored to create magical memories for guests.” – Cynthia Mamon, Chief Operating Officer, Enchanted Kingdom

Image courtesy of Rockbird Media

Abigail Anthony, CleverTap’s Account Executive, explained how their platform transforms data into actionable insights for businesses, citing various use cases. Established in 2013, CleverTap has served as a comprehensive customer engagement platform, seamlessly integrating interactions among individuals, workflows, and technology.

Abigail emphasised the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse data sources like mobile apps, websites, and third-party platforms, capturing crucial user interactions and behaviours across multiple touchpoints.

She shared a compelling analogy, illustrating the importance of context in customer engagement. Drawing from firsthand experiences and examples, she underscored the significance of understanding users’ preferences and behaviours to personalise marketing efforts effectively.

By leveraging CleverTap’s robust segmentation capabilities, businesses can create highly targeted campaigns tailored to specific user segments, maximising relevance, and engagement.

“Our platform has the unique ability to absorb up to a decade’s worth of data, enabling your businesses to gain historical context and insights into your users’ behaviours’ over time.” Abigail Anthony, Account Executive, CleverTap

Their cross-channel approach enables businesses to deliver timely and relevant communications, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates significantly.

As AI continues to advance, reshaping every aspect of business that touches the customer, Uniphore believes that AI should seamlessly integrate, be immersive and empowering, making the enterprise more human. With approximately 800+ employees across various global locations, Uniphore maintains a relentless commitment to excellence, integrity, and long-term vision.

“We’ve evolved into different AI stacks, including emotional AI, knowledge AI, and behavioural AI, all unified within a single platform,” explains Alex Koshy, VP of Sales in Asia at Uniphore. Dedicated to driving innovation in AI, Uniphore also aims to transform the enterprise into a more human-centered environment, one interaction at a time.

With the rapid adoption of AI, businesses are confronted with challenges in managing data privacy and security. Deepak Mongia, their Senior Director for Sales, emphasised the company’s focus on implementing strict guardrails to mitigate these risks, citing data utilisation, and safeguarding as the primary concern. With solutions that are PCI DSS-certified, Uniphore has championed integrating their product seamlessly with various systems, including payment gateways, while ensuring compliance and security.

“We’re continuously innovating to make AI more humanised and supportive. By analysing vast amounts of data, we aim to provide relevant and predictive insights, enhancing the overall customer experience.” – Deepak Mongia, Senior Director of Sales, Uniphore

Empowering Employees While Balancing Customer Needs and Data Security

During the Fireside Chat on Marrying CX and Data Privacy, Hazel Montano-Zamora, CX Design Head at AIA Philippines, and Erville Magtubo, the VP and Head of Customer Care Group at Meralco, shared valuable insights.

Hazel discussed how data privacy regulations have impacted customer interactions, noting that there is now more friction in obtaining customer information due to stricter regulations. However, she emphasised the importance of using customer data to deliver personalised experiences based on previous transactions.

Erville reinforced the need to balance customer preferences with organisational goals, highlighting the importance of agile methodologies in responding to evolving customer needs. He shared examples of customers initially resistant to digital solutions, only to embrace them later, showcasing the importance of continuous adaptation.

Both speakers stressed the importance of educating employees on data privacy and security, as well as the need for robust governance and technology solutions to ensure compliance. They acknowledged the challenges of managing complex customer relationships and emphasised the role of transparency in building trust with customers.

Melody Lim, the Head of Customer Experience discussed AboitizPower‘s evolution from manual to digital processes and the recent launch of an omni-channel contact centre.

She also underscored the importance of empowering employees digitally to effectively transition customers to digital platforms. AboitizPower has long been diligent and focused on measuring effectiveness through both quantitative metrics, such as service level agreements and resolution rates, and qualitative feedback from agents and customers.

In terms of their journey towards a customer-centric culture, she explained the significant mindset shift within AboitizPower, transitioning from a purely customer service-oriented approach to a holistic CX perspective. They put high priority in ensuring a seamless end-to-end customer journey, particularly with the increasing digitalisation of services in their Distribution Utilities. A clear example of this is the evolution of MobileAP, AboitizPower’s app that enables customers to manage their electricity consumption and payments. Through agile methodology, they were able to fast track version releases that clearly aligns with their purpose of empowering customers and communities.

Melody also emphasised the transformation in vendor relationships, moving from a transactional to a partnership-based model to align with the company’s CX objectives.

Image courtesy of Rockbird Media

When discussing the selection of CX partners, she outlined three key criteria: budget alignment, meeting non-negotiable solution requirements, and the partner’s capability to evolve and collaborate long-term. Looking ahead, Melody shared the importance of providing customers with convenient transaction options and preparing for the future liberalisation of the energy market in the Philippines, aligning AboitizPower’s strategy with evolving customer preferences and regulatory changes.

Looking Ahead In CX

Drawing on Rockbird Media’s capacity to deliver highly engaging events, the Customer Experience Summit Asia 2024 served as a catalyst for profound insights and transformative discussions, underlining the importance of customer experience in today’s business landscape. As businesses navigate the digital realm and adapt to evolving consumer expectations, prioritising customer-centric strategies and embracing innovative technologies emerge as imperatives for sustained success. However, developing more AI tools and technologies for improving CX presents several challenges that businesses must navigate.

Firstly, the need to address the issue of data privacy and security, as the use of AI often involves handling large volumes of sensitive customer data. Integrating AI tools seamlessly into existing CX infrastructure and workflows without causing disruption or alienating customers requires careful planning and execution. Finally, there is the challenge of skill gaps and talent shortages in AI development, as businesses need skilled professionals proficient in AI technologies to design, implement, and maintain these tools effectively.

By staying true to their values and mission, while embracing innovation and collaboration, businesses can not only address these challenges but also drive sustained growth and meaningful impact for their customers in the digital age.

Author: Joan Ko, Editor, Payments Consulting Network
Joan brings over 12 years of invaluable experience in content production and copywriting to her role as Editor. Her strong collaboration with the consulting and marketing teams, has allowed her to seamlessly merge these creative domains, and craft compelling written and visual content that not only captivate, but also communicate with precision and clarity.


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